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Red XIII / Nanaki

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Sticky Post! [Jan. 18th, 2030|02:39 am]
Red XIII / Nanaki
This is your all-access sticky post.
To things ranging from info posts, logs, pimping, memes and more.

TRANS_9: Application | Logs | Concrit | Abilities & Materia
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Abilities and Materia [Jun. 23rd, 2011|02:38 am]
Red XIII / Nanaki
Red's from a Final Fantasy game. So he has magic powers in the form of Materia. Aside from that, has special attacks called limit breaks that aren't godmodey, just semi-powerful attacky. Being taken from end end canon, his last weapon, Limited Moon, as well as a few other pieces of equipment and Materia have shown up in Weapons and Possessions on the ship.

(Of course, due to the line between video game mechanics and in-game actions, some obvious things like Counter Materia won't be needed for ... well, a counter attack in the game)

Materia: Fire, Lightning, Restore, Earth, Time, Ifrit, Neo Bahamut
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Application. [Jun. 23rd, 2011|02:18 am]
Red XIII / Nanaki
Character's name: Red XIII / Nanaki
Character's LJ: sonofthewarrior
Character's canon: Final Fantasy VII Compilation

Red's hometown of Cosmo Canyon is well known for its study and affinity with the life of the planet, so Red shares these qualities. Though he tends to be a quiet type, he's very insightful and wise, seemingly much older than he is (which is a teenager by his species' standards). Though his younger qualities can shine through in his character, as he himself wishes to become an adult, strong and able to protect his home. Part of his immaturity was reflected in his hatred for his father, who he thought of a coward who ran from battle many years ago. This is also the catalyst for his maturing in the series, as when he learns the truth, that his father fought their enemies alone and sacrificed himself for the people of Cosmo Canyon. From then on, Red, filled with love and pride for his father, vows to become a warrior true to his name. This bravery shows when he chooses to travel with the game's main party on their journey to save the planet. He leaps into battle without fear to fight with and protect his friends.

He's very polite, quite zen overall, and cares deeply for his friends and family. Sometimes he becomes scared, having problems dealing with the divide between his human and his beast characteristics, as well as fear of his extremely long lifespan, and him out-living those he cares and will come to care about. But he tries his hardest to deal with problems like that. This is, again, because of his young age and his desire to learn and experience. He's naturally curious about a lot, to the point of learning how to use a phone (despite having paws) to keep in touch with friends. He promises his grandfather that he will explore everything the world has to offer, and much like what those in his hometown do, pass all he learns of the planet to others. And he does just that, venturing the world to experience many different things so he can return home and share the stories.

"The planet is dying" is how Final Fantasy VII begins, with a rebel group called AVALANCHE that riles against a corporation called Shinra, who is responsible for sucking the life energy out of the planet. We meet Red XIII as a test subject in a Shinra laboratory, who (along with the protagonists) escapes and puts a wrench in the plans of the scientist who kept him confined. He travels with the main party, but makes it known that he would part with him once they return to his hometown of Cosmo Canyon. When they arrive at the town, known for it's study and teaching of the planet's life, his grandfather, Bugenhagen enlightens them all better on the planet's inevitable doom. While there, the party also travels to a sealed cave found behind the canyon in order for Bugenhagen to show Red something very important. Until this time, Red had a hatred for his father, under the impression that he simply ran away from a battle when Cosmo Canyon was attacked. What they found at the end of the cave was a figure, much like Red's, speared with arrows and turned to stone. Red learned that his father had fought alone, keeping the enemy out of the canyon at the cost of his own life. Red decides to join the party for good after this revelation, aiming to become as great a warrior as his father was and save the world. A extremely formidable fighter, Red aids his friends as they travel from beaches to underwater, to distant snowy mountains to outer space.

And if a company sucking out life energy wasn't enough for the poor thing, the planet becomes in danger of MORE doom thanks to a madman named Sephiroth who summons a giant meteor to crash into it. Along the way, friends and family die at the hands of Shinra and Sephiroth, but none are in vain for their ultimate goal to save the planet, because those friends and family not only helped them along the way, but continued to help them from beyond. They defeat Sephiroth in a final confrontation, and METEOR is stopped from crashing into the planet just moments before it was due to impact. After the planet is saved from METEOR, Red travels to observe the planet, learn new things and teach others of what he learns - a promise made to his grandfather. He struggles with the line of his humanlike and beastlike qualities as he travels, and is forced to deal with fear of the consequences of living out his loved ones due to his lifespan. But he fights those demons bravely, and learns to accept it. Red also comes to rescue when more dangers appear in the form of sequels and side-stories, though the dangers introduced are a lot less in danger of planet-killing. And teaming up with his friends once again, they come out victorious. Red's being taken from after the final canon of the series, which is Dirge of Cerberus.

Would this end up being another story to tell? Red wondered that as he silently sat, staring out into the Bleed. They were on a journey - and from what he had heard, part of that journey presented the possibility of restoring and returning his and the others' home. So it was certainly possible that one day he would tell those back home of this adventure.

Loneliness was something he dealt with before. Not simply from the acceptance that he would outlive most, if not all of whom he met, but he had always lived knowing he was one of the last of his race. So though still painful, he dealt with the initial shock upon waking up internally, until the fightening, near-crippling reality settled. But there was still hope down in those pods. Others, perhaps even friends still slept in stasis, fated as the next to awaken. Until then, it was his job to keep the pods safe. No, not just the pods, this entire ship. The loneliness wouldn't last for long, either - as Red was soon to find more friends and allies in this new place. Another test of his will, of his bravery and strength as a warrior of Cosmo Canyon. Now not simply to protect it and the planet on which it dwelled, but to save it, restore it and every bit of beauty and life that it possessed. They didn't save their world from METEOR just to have it destroyed so soon down the line.

"I will help put an end to this." He stood, turning away from the Bleed for the time being, having a good enough memory of it for future's reference. And then he moved, padding through the ship - a ship so full of a life that he could sense so strongly, it had been a bit surprising to learn that the ship itself was an entity just after waking up - to join the others. Others who were ready to brave the oncoming hardships just as he was. He would continue to live up to his father's name, and do all that he could to help.

"And I will observe all that we do, and all that we explore. When all is done and restored, I will return to my home and share this story."
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